About us

Ofsted Report 2017: “Relationships between pupils and staff are a strength of the school and are founded on mutual respect.”

New Horizon Community School is an independent school for muslim girls.

Choosing a school is one of the most important decisions for parents to make. As parents as well as educators, we understand that schooling shapes your children’s future and important decision later in life.

A good schooling creates a well rounded individual able to handle all that life gives. We offer an environment that is not only caring and safe, but we put a strong emphasis on improving education wherever possible. Our teachers are highly committed to providing excellent levels of education across the curriculum.


At New Horizon we believe that good schooling, discipline and a great education are the cornerstones in deciding where to send your child. New Horizon gives your child the best mix of education, british values and education, all encapsulated in an Islamic safe environment.

  • Leeds first muslim girls school since 1994
  • Year 7 to Year 11 Curriculum
  • A leading choice for families across Yorkshire
  • Multi-disciplinary environment
  • Multi-Purpose 3 floor building
  • Accessible from across West Yorkshire
  • Developmental opportunities for children

Our Values

New Horizon is built on British values of respect, education and the development of our children in aspects of self thought and self-development. We want our girls to be future leaders and professionals in their fields.

Our values include:

  • To excel in all aspects of education and aim high
  • To never believe we are less than others and not belittle others
  • Respect of Teachers and Students
  • Social Awareness of the community we live in
  • To help others wherever possible
  • To ensure we balance Key Stage education with Islamic respect and dignity
  • To be passionate about developing ourself
  • To build relationships with others and mutual understanding

We hope you consider New Horizon Community School for your child for this academic year.

Governors and Management Team

New Horizon Community School is a registered charity. Registered Charity No: 1149073