Complaints and Appeals

It is important for parents to know how to deal with matters that cause them concern especially when it involves the conduct of staff or decisions made on behalf of the school that effect the welfare of a child.

Parents are encouraged to work alongside the school to ensure that their children perceive the relationship between parents and the school as a partnership. A positive relationship between parents and the school creates a supportive atmosphere for students as both sides are willing to rationally discuss, listen and deal with issues that arise.

The first point of contact when in need of assistance is the Head Teacher. The objective is to resolve concerns informally and to avoid escalating grievances. If concerns are not resolved, please follow the following procedure:


A situation has to be dealt with immediately. Prolonged stages of conflict between parents and the school (which represents individual members of staff) will not be in the interest of children.

If a complaint is directed at the conduct of a member of staff or the a member of the governing body then the Head Teacher must be contacted.

A meeting will be arranged between the Head Teacher and the parents, by the Administration Officer. The discussion will be on record so information will be recorded. If it is possible for a situation to be resolved through a conversation then that will be best for all involved.


When a conversation is unable to conveniently resolve a situation, it will be up to the Head Teacher to make a decision on how to achieve a resolution. The first step if for a parent to formally make a complaint by requesting a complaints form from the Administration Officer. The form must be returned to the office whereupon the Head Teacher will require up to three (working) days to make a decision.


If parents are unsatisfied with the outcome derived by the Head Teacher, they have the option of appealing the decision. Parents will be expected to document their thoughts officially through a complaints/appeals form which they can request from the Administration Officer.

This complaint will be shared with the Board of Governors who will consider the information and make a decision. They have twenty one days to consider the next stage of action.


The failure to find a resolution that pleases the Parents will at this stage involve organising a hearing. Mediation is an important practice in Islam. Finding a fair solution to a problem without aggravating the situation is in the best interest of individuals and community.

A panel that consists of three members of the Governing Body (at least one of whom will be independent of the running of the school.) They will listen impartially to the case – this will not involve the Head Teacher or those leading the complaint/appeal.

The panel will provide their findings and recommendations within five working days. In extreme circumstances this will extend to ten working days. It is important to settle the situation as soon as possible so the student can return to normality.

Note: – The complainant, Board of Governors, the Head teacher and where relevant anyone else involved in the situation should be given a copy of any findings and recommendations.

A written record of all the complaints will be kept, indicating whether complaints were resolved at the preliminary stage, or preceded to a panel hearing. All the complaints made, correspondence and statements will be kept confidential.