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Dear Parents,

We understand it is an important indicator for parents to see results and standards of the school in which they wish to send their child.

We have completed our official Ofsted inspection for 2017 and the results have not reached the standards we have set for the school.

As of January 2017 a new Governing body has taken over the school management. This management team consists of educated professionals from Leeds, specialising in Education, Law, IT, Management and Finance. In fundamentally changing the leadership, we have taken a strict commitment to change the prospects of the school and we have achieved a great deal in the last 18 months since taking over.

We have resolved most of the funding issues, outstanding debts are being dealt with, internal issues are being resolved with new policies, teaching standards are improving, and we are working hard to ensure our results for the next academic year are excellent.

For the current academic year we have provided additional student support, guidance and interventions. We have worked weekends, weeknights and are in constant communication with one another over issues being raised. We welcome your comments and feedback and on the report.

Openness and Transparency are two important characteristics that the new Governing body is bringing to the school. In line with this we understand our Ofsted inspection may cause worry and concern and many questions may be raised.

We have also inherited a number of issues related to teaching, management, students and finance which we are slowly working through. This has required a monumental effort on the part of the Governors who have worked continuously (as all are volunteers) to help resolve some of the outstanding issues.

We wish to reiterate that this level of management has not been seen by the school in previous years, and as such will take time to translate to school results and staff performance.

As parents ourselves, we understand the sensitivity in choosing a school and the reputation of the school means more to us than ever. The parents of Leeds and surrounding areas have been extremely kind to us over the years, we simply ask for your continued support and feedback and to consider the school as an option for your child for the coming academic year.

In return, we are absolutely committed to transforming the school under this exciting new chapter.

Shahzad Ilyas

Chair of Governors

2013 Ofsted Report

The following are some of the positive comments made during the recent Ofsted inspection:

“The school is successful in creating an atmosphere of mutual respect and understanding between all members of its community.”

“It is also very successful in encouraging its pupils to value education and to develop understanding and compassion for the needs of others.”

“The pupils are polite and courteous and their behaviour is good; they enjoy school and make satisfactory progress.”

“Personal, social and health education contributes significantly to pupils’ growing maturity and self-confidence as seen in lessons.”

“A particular strength of the curriculum is how well it promotes pupils’ awareness of the needs of others, including in other countries and encourages a genuine concern and empathy for other people.”

“Significant improvements have been made to resources and specialist equipment since the last inspection. For instance, pupils now have access to a well-equipped ICT suite and there are good quality ICT facilities in most classrooms.”

“The pupils are polite and courteous and their behaviour is good; they enjoy school and make satisfactory progress.”

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