Our History

historyNewton Hill House is steeped in fascinating history. It was used as a school for Jewish boys who were brought to Leeds from Germany during the rise of Nazi rule. The building is still recognisable but it has undergone many changes.

Our school initially operated from the Leeds Islamic Centre and moved into our current school building on the 22nd of September 2000.

The opening ceremony was attended by Councillor Tom Murray (Executive member of Leeds City Council) and Fabian Hamilton (Member of Parliament for Leeds North East constituency), who gracefully unveiled the school plaque at the opening ceremony. The board of governor’s; members of the local community; members of staff and our pupils also attended the ceremony.

The School has gone from strength to strength since its humble beginnings. Its exterior still boasts of its Victorian history but now offers high quality facilities within its classrooms.

The school building was extensively refurbished and extended in 2010 to significantly improve the teaching and learning environment for the students.

  • A fully equipped Science Laboratory for GCSE Science;
  • State of the art ICT suite with 30 networked computers.
  • A wireless network enables the students and staff to use laptops anywhere in the building;
  • Installation of data projectors in classrooms
  • Modernised main hall for assemblies, prayers and exams.
  • A shower cubicle and changing facilities

Improvements to facilities are ongoing to provide the best possible environment and opportunities for our students.history2