The decision to exclude a child from school is a very serious matter. It is important for parents to be familiar with the Disciplinary Policy which outlines the options available to the school in order for it to uphold its ethos and to protect the welfare of all students when this is threatened by the actions or intentions of students.

The decision to exclude a student is the responsibility of the Head Teacher. A report regarding any incident that the Head Teacher decides should result in an exclusion will be presented to The Board of Governors. The case will be discussed and a decision will be made as soon as it is practical. Parents will have every opportunity to appeal a decision and will be informed of the appeals process as soon as they are made aware of the decision to exclude. The grounds to exclude a student are briefly outlined on the Behaviour Chart but actions that result in an exclusion include (and are not restricted to) the following – students will automatically be sent home prior to any formal decisions being made in terms of discipline:

  • serious assault of another pupil
  • unprovoked assault of another pupil
  • total loss of control when hitting out/swearing (at student or pupil)
  • repeated bullying after warning and failure to respond to other measures
  • endangering others by reckless behaviour
  • misuse of the fire point i.e. setting off the fire alarm
  • foul and abusive language to a member of staff
  • threatening a member of staff
  • physical abuse of a member of staff
  • serious damage to property
  • theft
  • sneaking out of the school premises
  • smoking on site or within the vicinity of school grounds
  • drinking or being under the influence of illegal substance whilst on school site
  • the breaking of any law
  • encouraging immoral/UnIslamic behaviour amongst other students – especially when this involves any form of contact with members of the opposite sex.

When the decision to exclude a student has been taken, the following must be considered by the Head Teacher and Board of Governors:

Form Tutors and subject teachers may be consulted to make a decision that is in the best interest (in terms of welfare) for the excluded student.

  • How seriously will the exclusion effect the education or/and welfare of the student?
  • Is the exclusion temporary or permanent?
  • If temporary – How long a period will the student be excluded?
  • Is it practical or possible to reinstate an excluded pupil? Are alternative methods of discipline available as options?
  • Those excluded for longer than ten school days (not including weekends) should be provided an alternative education. Work should certainly be arranged so that they can continue to work at home. The Local Authority will be informed so they are aware that the student is not on school site.

When dealing with students and parents, the Head Teacher should consider the following – it is essentially important to maintain calm and a safe environment: 

Exclusions effect not only students but their parents. Decisions to exclude are not taken lightly but they are in certain circumstances necessary means to reinstate a safe environment for all those concerned.

Parents will be treated with respect. They are to feel supported and not judged. The situation must be explained clearly and they must be informed of their right to appeal an exclusion. Students should be spoken to in a manner that encourages the student to understand the severity of their situation. The fact that there are laws that protect citizens from certain types of
behaviour should be explained as the penalties for breaking such laws can be dire. They must be supported to learn from their mistakes.

A permanent exclusion will result in a student being removed from the register. Our Local Education Authority will be informed that the student is no longer attending our school. A permanent exclusion is a last and unfortunate resort but does serve the interest of the school and all those it serves.

All exclusions whether temporary or permanent are recorded. Refer to the Behaviour Policy for further information on behaviour expectations and the actions available on behalf of the school to deal with challenging/ disruptive behaviour.

Reviewed November 2018
To Review November 2019