Child Protection

“Lo! those who believe and do good works, the Beneficent will appoint for them love.”
Qur’an 19:96

Our students are the foundation of our school. Managing their welfare, safety and happiness is our priority so they are clearly at the center of our school policies and practices. It is after all our Islamic duty to not only provide an education to our children so that they may become vital members of our British Muslim community but to also protect their rights as children (whereby
“children” means persons under the age of 18).

We recognise that in order to provide the best possible education for our children we must work alongside a number of departments who are also intricately involved with the welfare of children. Our Child Protection practices are shaped in consideration for parents/guardians; members of staff and the British laws that enforce important practices in order to deal with issues that threaten the safety of children.


Parents and Guardians should feel assured that their children will be in a safe supportive environment once they enter the school premises. In order to achieve this all members of staff must be deemed suitable to work with children. We are committed to following legal procedures in order to verify the safety of candidates prior to offering employment. We do additionally follow a structure that enables us to find those candidates who are most suitable to inspire and promote learning amongst our students. All candidates must be made aware of our school ethos so that they are in a position to understand and respect the values of New Horizon Community School. In respect to the Equality Act 2010 all those employed by New Horizon Community School will be female candidates as this is required in order for the school’s ethos to be successfully maintained. Policies regarding safer recruitment will be monitored annually by the Head Teacher and Board of Governors.

Members of staff are encouraged to attend training courses in order to improve their understanding of professional requirements within Education as well as their subject knowledge. School ‘Training Days’ are organised for members of staff so that they are reminded of their legal responsibilities towards children and the procedures that must be adhered to when dealing with
children within the school environment. Training is led by the Senior Designated Person (SDP) or the Deputy Designated Person (DDP) who will share the latest policies regarding the protection of children. It is important for our students to not only feel safe but to believe that they are benefiting from attending lessons and from being in the company of our teachers. They are after
all entitled to pursue an education that will provide them opportunities (or options) that will benefit their social, emotional, moral, financial wellbeing.


New Horizon Community School is an Independent school for Muslim girls. Our students are expected to have a Muslim background i.e. at least one parent must be Muslim. We do not discriminate in relation to ethnicity or disability. Students are however expected to adhere to the most basic practices of Islam such as prayer so familiarity with the Muslim faith is beneficial.
We have a system of care in place that outlines our dedication to supporting and guiding our students. (Refer to our ‘Pastoral Care’ Policy for more detail.) There are procedures in place in order to deal with any concerns that relate to the welfare of children. We are committed to working with the Leeds Safeguarding Board and are consequently aware of the organisations we
have a responsibility to build links with. Our communication with parents/guardians is also greatly important as they are in a position to provide a lot of information that can be beneficial to staff. We have every intention to continue to improve our means of communicating with the families we have a responsibility towards.

In order to ensure a safe learning environment amongst students we have established clear Behaviour and Anti-Bullying policies. (Refer to these for more detail). Our School Council consists of a group of students, elected by their peers to represent their opinions/concerns/needs. They are involved in promoting unity and friendship through religious events or those organised to
raise social awareness of important issues such as ‘bullying’.


Leeds is steeped in illustrious history and our school building is a part of it. Our Victorian building has undergone a lot of work to improve its interior and external presentation and function. We continue to plan for changes which will improve accessibility for those regarded as having a ‘disability’ (Discrimination Disability Act 1995) and to improve our services in accordance to
Health and Safety regulations.

In terms of security our building has a functioning system which includes an intercom device at the main gate and at the main school entrance. This restricts access to the public as permission is required to enter the school premises.
All members of staff wear identity badges as do volunteers and visitors. Anyone not wearing a badge is challenged as to their purpose in school. They will be escorted to the office to register their visit. All visitors are expected to sign in at reception for safety reasons.

The school building has clearly labeled fire and emergency exits. There are sufficient procedures in place in case of an emergency. Safety checks are carried out accordingly and students are made aware of emergency evacuations every term as they practice emergency drills. The school has in place its ‘Responsible Person’ and ‘Fire Wardens’ who are trained to fulfill their responsibilities.
The Health and Safety Policies are reviewed annually by the Head Teacher and the Board of Governors.

Should you require further clarification regarding our policies, please contact the Administration Officer. We can provide more detailed accounts of our policies and will be happy to discuss this information with you.

Reviewed November 2018
To Review November 2019