Parents Legal Obligations

It is the legal responsibility of parents to ensure their children (between 5 years and 16 years of age) receive full time education (under section 7 of the Education Act 1996). Parents are under no obligation to send their children to a registered school as ‘home education’ is a viable option. The local authority must however be notified of such a decision. Discuss this as an option with the administration department at your child’s school. They will be in a position to advice you on how to pursue ‘home education’ as an option.

Schools are expected to provide a service of education for up to 190 days (380 half days) a year. Students are expected to attend everyday and to be punctual. Attendance and punctuality are carefully monitored at school through morning and afternoon registration. A lack of respect in
terms of attendance and punctuality have very negative consequences on the education and welfare of children and the school.

Registration (AM/PM)

Morning registration takes place at 8.25am. The afternoon registration takes place at 1.00pm. This practice is to verify those who are present at school and those who are absent. Unexplained absences or patterns of absence can be identified efficiently as
registers are analysed on a daily basis. Schools have a duty to notify the local authority of any long periods of unauthorised absences especially those found to be ‘suspicious’. It is a criminal offence to prevent children from attending school.

Registers are also a health and safety measure as they allow the school to know who is in the school building in case an evacuation is necessary.


It is understandable that children occasionally feel unwell and are unable to attend school. The school must be contacted and informed of any absences due to illness or any other explanation for an absence from school. Those reasons deemed acceptable will be registered as ‘Authorised’
but those found to be suspicious will be considered ‘Unauthorised’. The school can request documentation (a doctor’s note) as proof of absence when an explanation for an absence is deemed unacceptable.

Our Local Education Authority will be informed of any patterns of ‘Unauthorised Absences’ and those who have too many absences from school.
Doctors/Hospital/Dentist Appointments must be booked outside of school hours.


Registration begins at: 8.25am – all students are expected to be in the Gym by this time.  Registration closes at 8.45am therefore those who arrive after this time time will be registered as ‘Late arrival after registration has closed’.

Students arriving after 8.45am must report to the office. They will be entered into the register and given a late pass. This is to be presented to their subject teacher as a means to explain their late attendance.

Leave of Absence/Holidays

The Education (Pupil Registration) (England) Regulations 2006 Act includes information regarding the practice of taking holidays during term-time. It is no longer permissible to take children out of school during term-time with the intention to go on a holiday but under ‘exceptional circumstances’ a leave of absence can be permitted at the discretion of the Head Teacher. An application for a leave of absence must be obtained by the school and submitted for the attention of the Head Teacher.

Those who continue to go on holiday without permission will be fined £60 (to be paid within 14 days of arrival at school) and the Local  Education Authority will be informed of the Unauthorised Absences.

  • If the fine of £60 is paid, parents will also be issued with a written warning.
  • If a fine that has been issued is not paid and parents do not wish to comply with the schools expectations they will be expected to find an alternative school. We will assist in this process and support the decision by allowing the student to continue to attend whilst their registration at another school is finalised.
  • A second leave of absence will result in a £140 fine and a request by the school to find an alternative place of education for their child. The Local Education Authority will be informed of the situation. This is unfortunate but the standards of the school must be adhered to as they are in place to protect the welfare of all students and members of staff.

Reviewed November 2018
To Review November 2019