Health & Safety

New Horizon School’s Health and safety Policy works in conjunction with the Fire Safety Policies and Child Protection Policies.

There are many rules and regulations pertaining to the movement and behavior of students within the classroom environment and more generally around the school building. Considered measures have been put into place after consideration of the risks posed to students and staff whilst in any part of the school building. We carefully calculate threats to the safety and welfare of students when participating in extra school activities and trips.

The school gates are open to students from 8:25am, with exceptional student who may arrive earlier but will be asked to wait in the Media Room . Students are not the responsibility of the school until this time. The school day ends at 3pm but gates will be monitored by staff till 3.15pm. The school will not be responsible for the welfare of students after this time. We do however allow students to remain inside the school building if their transportation is late. Students are regularly monitored throughout the day including break and lunchtime.

The main school (external) gate is opened by a pin code. This is accessible to staff only. Students and visitors are expected to contact reception via the intercom system whereupon they will be given permission to enter. This reduces the risk of strangers entering and roaming the school building.

The school has a team of people responsible for dealing with Health and Safety issues. Students are regularly made aware of procedures to follow when their health and/or safety has been compromised. Parents/Guardians are informed

of any incidents involving their children. All incidents are documented and filed.

The school has a Child Protection team whose sole purpose is to consider the welfare of every child. Since we recognise the importance of a child’s emotional, physical, spiritual, social and moral development we have various schemes in place to support this role. Protecting the health and safety of our students is our priority.

Policies and procedures are in place to deal with fire related emergencies. (Refer to the Fire Safety Policy for details.) Our policies are inĀ  accordance with ‘Fire Safety Act 2005’ regulations. We have trained and experienced staff to deal with emergencies. In addition to this our Students practise fire evacuations at least once a term and our fire safety measures are tested regularly.

The school’s behaviour policy outlines the consequences for those students who threaten the safety of their peers. (Refer the Behaviour Policy for more details.) Parents/Guardians are able to approach Form Tutors, the CPO (Child Protection Officer) or the Head Teacher to register any concerns related to the health and safety of their child. Every matter will be dealt with seriously – involving the board of governors if necessary.

New Horizon Community School has a detailed Health and Safety policy (which is regularly reviewed). If you require a copy of this document please contact the school and request a copy in the format which is most convenient for you.

Reviewed November 2018
To Review November 2019