This home-school agreement is seen as an important partnership between the school, its parents/carers and its pupils. The responsibility for a child’s education and welfare is to be shared between those parties who have a legal and moral obligation to provide such a service to children. This agreement is to ensure that pupils receive consistent learning and support from parents and teachers. The school’s aim is to provide equal opportunities for every pupil to achieve their full potential in academic, spiritual, moral, social, and cultural development. We in equivocally believe that every child matters. We encourage our parents to carefully read our school policies so that they are fully aware of our practices. These can be found on our school website (www.newhorizonschool.co.uk) or can be requested from our Administration Officer.


It is a legal requirement for children between 5 and 16 years of age to be in full time education. Therefore If a pupil is unable to attend school because they are unwell or for any other reason the following procedures must be followed:

  1. Parents or guardians must contact the school before 8:25am to provide an explanation for any absence. Attendance is monitored so long periods of absence (or suspicious periods of absences) will be reported to the local authority. Absences not reported will be recorded as ‘Unauthorised’.
  2. It is advisable to take your child to a doctor’s surgery regarding an illness. This should be done as soon as possible but particularly if they are absent for more than three days. The parent or guardian can then provide a certificate of absence.
  3. A parent or guardian must write a note explaining an absence which should be provided to the school office and the student’s Form Tutor. Notes of absence can be documented in the school planner.


The School expects all students to be punctual regardless of distance. Registration is at 8.25am. If students are late three times they will receive an after-school detention. Refer to the school’s policy on Attendance and Punctuality as this will detail the consequences thereafter. The education authority will also be informed of any students who are persistently late.


It is strongly recommended that all vacations be taken during school holidays. In exceptional circumstances the school may approve requests for holidays during term time.
In those circumstances when a leave of absence is permitted it will not be for more than 10 school days.

A ‘holiday request’ form is initially to be requested from the Administration Officer. This is to be completed and returned at least six weeks before the decision to authorise a leave of absence can be made. The decision will be made by the Head Teacher and will be based on the circumstances outlined for the holiday; the child’s year group and their attendance rate. Any pupil taken on holiday without permission from the school will be marked as having an ‘unauthorised absence’ and will be fined. The Local Education Authority will be notified of their parentally condoned absences and will be deemed as having been withdrawn after a period of 10 days. Refer to the school’s policy on Attendance and Punctuality.


Mobile phones are prohibited in school. Any mobile phones found on the school premises will be confiscated and kept in school for 6 weeks. Parents can then come in to school to collect the phone – they will not be returned to students. Those students who walk or use public transport can bring in their mobile phones they must however leave their phone in the office and collect it at home-time. A letter will be required from parents to authorise this practice.


A good working atmosphere is essential. Our ‘positive behaviour policy’ encourages pupils to show self-discipline and be responsible for the consequences of their own actions. There is a clear structure as to how certain actions will be dealt with and this information is readily available for all parties involved.. Break/Lunch/After-school detentions are a common form of discipline.

We expect high standards of attendance and punctuality, friendly and thoughtful behaviour towards others, and for pupils to prepare themselves for lessons and learning. All pupils and parents are asked to sign this contract agreeing to uphold the school’s expectations for pupil behaviour, attendance and the completion of homework. The school requires pupils to follow the school rules and demonstrate a clear understanding of Islamic behaviour at all times.


Homework is regarded as an integral part of the education process. It enables the pupil to reinforce their learning and teaches them self discipline.

Each pupil receives a homework timetable at the beginning of the school year. Failure to complete and hand in homework will result in a detention etc. It is therefore very important that pupils are encouraged to complete their assignments.


We expect all students to follow the rules and regulations of usage of computers and the Internet. Students must only use the Internet for school work. Social networking sites are blocked. Any students who use social networking sites will be dealt with seriously. Pupils must make sure they keep the computers in good condition. Any damage to computers will have to be paid for.


Parents’ evenings are held throughout the year. This is to allow parents, pupils and teachers to check on progress, celebrate successes and plan the way forward. It is strongly recommended that all parents attended these events.


Praying in school is compulsory. Students do not have the option of postponing prayer so that they can pray at home. Prayer is organised so that students can enter the Prayer Hall and pray comfortably at their own pace. Sufficient time has been allocated to prayer so that students can peacefully meditate or recite Qur’an prior to or after the formal prayer. The environment during Prayer must be conducive to the act of worship so the school will take serious disciplinary action against those who prevent or interrupt others from praying. Those who struggle to pray should inform a member of staff of their issues so that they can receive guidance and support.

Those students who are unable to prayer are expected to reflect upon themselves through quiet meditation. All students are encouraged to bring ‘Prayer Beads’ to school so that they can in essence continue pray.


Pupils are required to wear school uniform when attending school. Special occasions may be an exception but parents will be informed of any events that take place that allow students to be in non-uniform.

If a student has an issue that results in their being unable to wear an item of their uniform then parents must provide a written note in the planner explaining the reason. Students who persistently wear the incorrect uniform will be sent home immediately. Uniforms are an important part of our Health and Safety policy and additionally contribute towards creating an environment of unity and equality.


Pinafore – Black (full length) To be purchased at school
Blazer – Black (with logo) To be purchased at school
Trouser – Black
Hijaab – White (plain)
Shoes – Flat black shoes must be worn (Max heel size 1”)
– Flat sandals are acceptable in summer.
Physical Education – Plain black tracksuit (bottom and jacket)
– A white shirt (preferably long sleeved)
– Trainers (avoid anything expensive)


The school fee is £1,950 per year.

The payment can be made so that it is split into two payments of £975.00. The first payment must be received during the second week of September and the second payment is to be made during the second week of January.

Payments can also be made in monthly Installments of £195.00. Monthly installments must be made during the second week of each month. Any pupil whose fees are not paid on time will be unable to attend school until the fees are paid, and deemed withdrawn from the school after an absence of 28 days.

Reviewed November 2018
To Review November 2019