Many pupils now feel the need to carry a mobile telephone – these most often include the means to take pictures and make videos! The school accepts that there may be genuine reasons for their use and so phones will be allowed in school yet there are stringent regulations concerning this.

You will appreciate that, as a working community, we do need to have regulations governing the use of phones so that callers do not interrupt lessons and pupils do not use them unnecessarily and make themselves late. Our greatest concern is the infringement of other students safety and privacy. We are asking for a common-sense approach to the use of mobile telephones and so are issuing the following school regulations:

  • Mobile phones do serve a useful purpose if used correctly. There are students who aregenuinely expected to keep their mobiles at school at the request of parents. Mobile phones in this situation can be left at reception – they must not remain on students.
  • The school will not accept any responsibility for mobile telephones. If they go missing or are lost we are not prepared to waste staff time searching for them. We suggest that parents take out insurance cover if mobile telephones are to be brought into school and that more expensive models are not used.
  • Pupils in Years 7-11 may not use their phones at any time during the school day either to make or to receive calls. Pupils who have an emergency can use the school telephones to contact parents at any break or lunchtime. The use of a mobile phone during the school day is unnecessary.
  • Mobile telephones must be switched off prior to dropping off at reception.
  • The confiscation of the phone will be recorded and the owner must collect it from the office at the end of the school day. After such a confiscation the pupil will be required to send a parent to collect the mobile at the of the term.
  • The use of a phone to record by video or photography any images of pupils or staff of this school is forbidden and may warrant further sanction. A pupil posting such images on the Internet may expect their behaviour to be an act which could constitute as cyber bullying. This rule also applies to the journey to and from school.
  • If parents have an emergency and need to contact their daughter, then they should telephone the school office in the usual way and a message will be passed on.
  • Should there be a whole school emergency such as heavy snowfall which may cause early closing, pupils will be allowed to use mobile telephones to rearrange their transport.
  • Mobile phones must never be taken into public examinations and for this reason the school does not allow them to be taken into any examination room.

Reviewed November 2018
To Review November 2019