The following guidelines must be adhered to when planning any educational/recreational Trip. All trips should be planned at least 6 weeks prior to any out-of-school activity.

  1. Complete Section A of the ‘School Trip Form’ and submit to the Head Teacher. This section will inform the Head Teacher of their intention i.e. whether a trip is educational or recreational.
  2. The Head Teacher will return the Form with a signature, confirming whether the trip has been authorised or not.
  3. The members of staff organising the trip are to research details for the trip – they should be aware of the distance being travelled; costs of the trip including transport; contact details of those responsible for school trips at the venue; calculate the number of students expected to attend a school trip. A member of staff who is trained in First Aid must attend any event that involves leaving the school site. Complete Section B.
  4. A Risk Assessment must be completed. Staff can use the template provided. This might involve the Headteacher or trip organisers making a prior visit to assess the place to be visited. Complete Section C.
  5. Head Teacher to authorise the trip based on the information provided.
  6. Letters to be sent to parents to confirm who has consent to attend. Parents are to be informed of the date, time, location, charges and other rules related to clothing, footwear use of mobiles etc.
  7. School Trip organisers to book the trip and transport. This should be done in advance so that the trip can be cancelled if necessary.
  8. Prior to the visit the following guidelines must be followed.
    • The staff member responsible for First Aid will arrange and carry the First Aid kit.
    • Fill in a summary of information for pupils and adults participating in a visit and hand out to all adults going on the trip. Staff should have a register and vital information referring to any health related issues.
    • Staff will have Emergency contact Information for each student.
    • Staff will organise students into groups and pairs – each will be associated with a member of staff. Staff will organise Health & Safety Systems and will inform students of risks and what they expect in terms of conduct.
  9. Parents are to be kept informed via text messages – this is particularly useful if trips are running late.
  10. Students and staff to evaluate the trip – was it useful? Should the trip be repeated? What can be done in future to improve the organisation of the trip?

Reviewed November 2018
To Review November 2019